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Damn-e- Koh

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Daman-e-Koh is a review point and slope top nursery north of Islamabad and situated in the Margalla Hills. Its name is a combination of two Persian words, which together methods foot slopes. It is about 2400ft from ocean level and practically 500ft from the city of Islamabad. It is a mainstream goal for the inhabitants just as the guests to the capital. Most beautiful place in Islamabad include Daman-e-Koh

Daman-e-Koh is a midpoint for travelers on their way to the higher viewpoint Pir Sohawa. It situated at the highest point of Margalla Hills at a height of about 3600ft. There is an arrangement to build a chairlift from Daman-e-Koh to Pir Sohawa. Monkeys are a typical sight during winter.


Daman-e-koh most beautiful place in Islamabad



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