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How to deal with people you don’t like

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In daily life, you all have to interact with different people you don’t like. Maybe we can’t avoid this person because they are a colleague, coworker, neighbor, or family member. Interactions with individuals you don’t like will finish badly. You’ll be able to get through these interactions with any major issues by taking proactive measures that assist you to get at the side of them and effort to stay a positive outlook. It may also facilitate grasping the way to manage these interactions before they take a flip for the worst.

Being Proactive about the Interaction

Keep the interaction temporary, if possible. Once it involves handling somebody you don’t like, brevity is significant. The longer you’re around this person, the additional irritated you’re likely to become. That’s why you must keep encounters with them short and sweet. Communicate with the person merely enough to induce by, which can merely result in speech communication “Hello.” Then, occupy yourself elsewhere.

Look at the situation from their perspective

Look at the situation from their perspective. Consider why the opposite person acts the method that they are doing. Could they be unaware that their behavior annoys you? Do they need a decent reason for doing those things? You may understand the opposite person isn’t responsible. you’ll even confer with them to envision if they’d be willing to vary their behavior around you.

Verbalize your boundaries

Know how a lot of you’re willing to require and do not be afraid to draw the boundary somewhere. Deciding what quantity will be able to take before losing your cool can facilitate remove a state of affairs before it turns explosive.

For example, if you have got a coworker who’s invariably bragging regarding cash, you would possibly say, “Hank, I created a private commitment to solely discuss finances on a need-to basis. I’m positive you’ll be able to perceive.”
If the person is usually pressuring you regarding your personal life, you would possibly simply say, “I have a rule regarding not discussing my personal life at work.”

Remember your emotions

If you allow other people, they will drive you crazy with your emotions. But it’s only you who has control over your emotions so don’t let your anger spin out of control when dealing with such people. Do not attack someone personally but remain firm on your emotions.

Don’t become defensive

When someone is acting in a bad manner, it does not mean that you become defensive. It is absolutely the worst thing you would do because it gives them more power. Instead, by asking probing questions you would turn the spotlight on them.

Don’t allow anyone to limit your happiness

No matter how bad a person behaves with you, don’t allow them to limit your happiness or success. Do not listen to other people’s complaints and focus on what is the thing that is making you anxious.

You must understand that restricting yourself, whom you can work with, will make you limiting yourself. Therefore, take proactive measures that help you get along with difficult people and manage the interactions before they take a turn for the worst.

Keep your distance

If you can afford to stay away from someone you don’t like, doing just that might actually be the best thing for everyone involved. Find ways to avoid the person you don’t like and you can.
For instance, if you know your nosey cousin is coming to a family barbecue, you might arrive late because you know she tends to leave after an hour.
If you absolutely must be around the person, at least put some space between the two of you. Try working in a separate area if this person is a coworker or classmate and you don’t like that person. At a meeting or dinner, grab a seat on the opposite end of the table to limit interactions.

Look for the positives

You will very seldom run across someone with no redeeming qualities when you don’t like a person. Even if the good qualities a person possesses are buried under layers of unpleasantness, identify at least one or two positives and focus on those traits so that you might come to appreciate the other person better.
For example, maybe your overbearing mother-in-law is truly caring towards their children and grandchildren. Reflect on these good qualities when her less than pleasant qualities are on display.

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