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Top ten most beautiful place in Islamabad

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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is governmental control as a component of the Islamabad Capital Territory. Worked as an arranged city during the 1960s to supplant Karachi as Pakistan’s capital. Islamabad city notes for its exclusive expectations of living security, and bottomless greenery.Most attractive and beautiful place in Islamabad. This city is considered the most beautiful place in Pakistan to travel.

Most attractive and beautiful place in Islamabad.

Islamabad-most beautiful places in islamabad

Faisal Mosque – A tourist attraction place

The Faisal Mosque is the most beautiful place in Islamabad, Pakistan. It initiated in the lower regions of Margalla Hills in Islamabad. This mosque includes a contemporary structure comprising of eight sides of the solid shell. The development of the mosque started in 1976 after a $120 million award from Saudi King Faisal. The whimsical plan by Turkish planner Vedat Dalloway chose after a global challenge.  The plan highlights eight-sided shell molded slanting rooftops framing a triangular love lobby, which can hold 10,000 admirers.it attracts tourists to visit this place all over the Asian country.

Faisal mosque Jumma timing is at 1:30 pm
Faisal Mosque most beautiful places in islamabad
Joined the structure covers a territory of 54,000 square ft.; the mosque rules the scene of Islamabad. It arranges at the north finish of Faisal Avenue. The westernmost lower regions of the Himalayas. It situated on a raised zone of land against a beautiful background of the national park. The biggest mosque in Pakistan, the Faisal Mosque is the biggest mosque. Faisal Mosque is currently the fourth biggest mosque as far as to a limit.

Damn-e- Koh – A tourist attraction place

Daman-e-Koh is a review point and slope top nursery north of Islamabad and situated in the Margalla Hills. Its name is a combination of two Persian words, which together methods foot slopes. It is about 2400ft from ocean level and practically 500ft from the city of Islamabad. It is a mainstream goal for the inhabitants just as the guests to the capital. Most beautiful place in Islamabad include Daman-e-Koh

Daman-e-koh most beautiful place in Islamabad

Daman-e-Koh is a midpoint for travelers on their way to the higher viewpoint Pir Sohawa. It situated at the highest point of Margalla Hills at a height of about 3600ft. There is an arrangement to build a chairlift from Daman-e-Koh to Pir Sohawa. Monkeys are a typical sight during winter.

The Pakistan Monument – A tourist attraction place

The Pakistan Monument is a national landmark and legacy historical center situated on the western Shakarparian Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan. The landmark to symbolize the solidarity of the Pakistani individuals. It commits to the individuals of Pakistan who yielded their “today” for a superior “tomorrow”. Its height makes the landmark noticeable from over the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan territory and is a well-known traveler goal.it is tourist attractions places outside the country.

Pakistan Monument - most beautiful place in Islamabad


The structure of the landmark is establishing in the rich Mughal design of the Subcontinent. Its petal formed structure is going from the customary muqarnas of Mughal engineering. As the modeler says: “We ought to gain from history however not stay in it.”The resultant petal-molded structure stresses the significance of solidarity and harmony of the individuals of Pakistan. Instead of symbolizing the four regions. It speaks to the four distinct societies of the individuals of Pakistan. The four enormous petals speak to every one of the four societies.

Lok Virsa Museum – A tourist attraction place

Lok Virsa Museum is an exhibition hall controls and oversaw by Lok Virsa – National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage. It is an exhibition hall of history and culture in Islamabad. Pakistan, situated on the Shakarparian Hills displaying the living societies of Pakistan.

Lok Virsa - most beautiful place in Islamabad

The gallery opened in 1974. It turned into a self-sufficient foundation in 2002 after the Lok Virsa Legal Status Ordinance, 2002. The exhibition hall comprises of a few structures just as an outside gallery which can oblige up to 3000 guests.

Lok Virsa Museum - most beautiful place in Islamabad

Centaurus Mall – A tourist attraction place

The Centaurus is a blended utilize land improvement in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan. The undertaking incorporates a 36-story lodging, three 23-story private and office towers, and a five-story shopping center. It comprises of three high rises, containing corporate workplaces, private condos, and a lodgings Centaurus.

centaurus - most beautiful place in Islamabad

Mövenpick Hotel is under-development and it relies upon to open in the primary quarter of 2018. The assessed cost for building the complex was US$350 million. The Centaurus Mall is four stories tall and contains in excess of 300 shops.

Rawal Lake – tourist attraction place

Rawal Lake is a fake supply that gives the water needs to the urban communities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.  Korang River alongside some other little streams originating from Margalla Hills. It set to frame this fake lake which covers a zone of 8.8 km². Korang River is the outlet stream of Rawal Dam. Rawal Lake is inside a secluded area of the Village Malpur, Bani Gala and Margalla Hills National Park.

Rawal lake - most beautiful place in Islamabad

The zone around the lake planted with blossoming trees and spread out with gardens. The terraced nursery and the lake utilize for picnics, angling, and drifting. The most elevated point in the nursery offers an all-encompassing perspective on the lake. Drifting, cruising, water skating and plunging offices are sorts out by exclusive hangouts. Toward the west of the lake is the Islamabad Club, which offers distinctive donning offices.

Saidpur Village – A tourist attraction place

Saidpur Village is outstanding amongst other vacation spots in Islamabad. This Mughal-Era Village arranges on the inclines of the wonderful Margalla Hills. The town has impressions of different developments including Ashoka, Mughal, Buddhist, Greek, and Gandhara. It additionally has solid impressions of the pilgrim time frame. Most attractive and beautiful places in Islamabad.

saidpur - rawal lake

Today, this town is very much protected. It is a mainstream recreational spot for the neighborhood just like the remote guests? On the off chance that you have not visited this lovely town. We have gathered a rundown of 17 astounding pictures alongside some fascinating realities about this wonderful town.

Margallla Hills –A tourist attraction place

The Margalla Hills is a slope go which is a piece of the Himalayan lower regions. It situated inside the Margalla Hills National Park, north of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Margalla go has a territory of 12,605 hectares. The slopes are a piece of Murree slopes. It is a range with numerous valleys just as high mountains.

margalla hills

On 6 January 2012 Pir Sohawa, the city’s most elevated place of interest, got scarcely any creeps of snowfall. Another quantifiable snow occasion happened on 11 February 2016 where 2 inches fell after four years.

Hiking Trails – A tourist attraction place

The Margalla Hills are the continuation of the Himalayan mountain go. The dirt on the slope is prolific and totally secured with green trees, herbaceous plants, and shakes. The backwoods on the slopes is the regular natural surroundings for an assortment of creatures and flying creatures. The specialists have made workable for individuals to visit the woods, meander about securely, and investigate the common retreat. These trails attract people to walk in the winter season. So this place becomes famous trails in Islamabad for hiking

Trail 3

The different sides of Islamabad encompassed by the slopes. Thusly, it is conceivable and a lot simpler to get to. There are eight paths that fluctuate in separations. They relegated with numbers, i.e Trails # 1,2,3,4, 5, and 6. The staying two tracks name as; the Saidpur trail, and Bari Imam Trail.

trail 5


Lake View Park – A tourist attraction place

lake view park Islamabad is a recreational zone and natural life park close to Village Malpur Rawal Lake. It is located on Murree Road in Islamabad, Capital Territory, Pakistan. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Islamabad. It runs under the organization of the Capital Development Authority. This park likewise contains Pakistan’s biggest winged animal confinement.

lake view park

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