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Top 11 Places you must visit in Abbottabad, Pakistan

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Top 11 Places you should visit in Abbottabad, Pakistan

Abbottabad is found 50 km upper east of the capital of Pakistan Islamabad and Abbottabad is the capital of the Abbottabad District. Abbottabad is a choice and astounding spot like heaven. Abbottabad is one of those spots or you can say that one of the spots on which the name of God is close and that you can’t do any progressively broadened by and by, will it not be workable for God to clear this city. I embrace you in the event that you are in Abbottabad or close Abbottabad, you are going close on the off chance that you are getting the target to go to a brilliant spots, which you let yourself know considering a genuine worry for yourself. I am certain that you will begin to look all starry looked toward at this city and love and you need to rest more than this, on the off chance that you try to storms again to be the significance of this city.


It is the wonderful inclination station organized at the purpose of intermingling of Galyat run in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is masterminded at the segment of 86 km from Islamabad, around a 3-hour go through Kashmir street. Staggering trademark scenes, climbing tracks and boggling climate pull in vacationers towards it. For the most part, the temperature stays between 25 – – 10 dependably. Temperature goes to around – 8 in January and December. It is a lot cooler than its fusing areas thinking about its higher tallness.

On the off chance that you are expecting to visit Abbottabad, by then you should visit it. As it is the almost the whole way among Murree and Abbottabad, sorted out 32 km from these two spots. You can consider lodgings planned in NathiaGali for your remain.

2)Ilyasi Mosque

It is the best and most arranged mosque of Abbottabad, which was worked over a flood of water that despite everything streams underneath it. There is a little lake orchestrated before it. Ilyasi mosque is known for its awesome arrangement, convincing structure, notion of concordance and quietness, and phenomenal white façade. Furthermore, there is an obsolete normal spring which is recognized to have recuperating powers.

3)Miranjani Top

It is the most basic top in Galyat region. 9816 ft high and 4.69 km long track. Understudies need around 3-4 hours to climb it. Two tracks are available for climbing. One beginnings from NathiaGali and another track is beginning from Dagri Bangla Resthouse, Abbottabad.

4)Mukeshpuri (Mushkpuri) Top

After Miranjani, it is the second most basic mountain in Galyat area. 9200 ft high, found basically over the DungaGali. It is a 4 km long, steady and safe trip. Nonetheless, it gets dangerous while snow falling. It takes roughly 3 hours to land at the top. Two unique ways are open for climbing. You can reach either by trekking from Nathiagali or from the track in Dungagali. Its prevalent bit of the zone is confirmed with subalpine conifer woods. There is the surprising perspective at the top.


This name is clarifying this spot enough. Consider I’m not discovering it’s centrality? Really, “freezing”. So additionally, the temperature remains astoundingly low right now. It is known for cold, congruity and greenery. Individuals who essentially need to unwind up must visit this spot. It is 31 km from Abbottabad, 2700 meters above ocean level and joined by rich green pine timberlands.

6)Harnoi River

Harnoi is the system which is about 11km from Abbottabad on NathiaGali street. It is the amazing spot included by greenery. Harnoiriver is an exceptional spot of eagerness on account of how it is at 15-20 min drive from Abbottabad. It is a reviving spot that causes you to feel colossally improved.

7)Shimla Hill

It is an inclination of Sherwan run interfacing toward the west of Abbottabad. It is a tranquil spot checked with thick backings of pine. You get the energetic perspective on the impeccable town from the peak.

8)Jalal Baba Auditorium

It was worked in 1993, crossing a region of 8.75 zones of land. This social affair passage was named after the regarded pioneer of All Muslim League Muhammad Jalal-ud-noise Jalal Baba. It is utilized for organizing introductions, show occasions, open social events, get-togethers, and diverse different exercises.

9)Lady Garden Public Park

It was created not long after the establishment of Abbottabad. At this moment, is among the most arranged the development business spots of the Abbottabad locale. Going before group, it was solely utilized for European or White women and families. Before long individuals visit this spot following a boisterous step by step plan, for slackening up.

10)Sajikot Waterfall

It is organized in Havelian Tehsil, Abbottabad District. Separation is around 47 Km from Abbottabad. There are different falls in the town too in any case Sajikot catches the eye of pilgrims in perspective on its radiance!

11)St.luke’s Church

It is the verifiable fortune of the town that was worked in 1864. Individuals who love recorded spots should visit it. It has its own hugeness in extreme development business!

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